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"Broadway Gallery's resident curator,      Tchera Niyego, is not a timid creature.     Her passionate ideas lend color to

a room, spark energy into a conversation, and juxtapose artists in almost adventurous ways."


                 - Steven Psyllos, NY Arts Magazine

Sangchen Tsomo, "The Wealth of Nations". Cigar Box, toys, wire, tantric image

"In her 16th curated

show, Niyego presents

"Dreamy Techniques".

With such a title, one might

feel light petals from

freshly shaken flora as you

lie upon the grass below

a tree on a spring afternoon,

dreaming of no gravity and

liquid skies... But, no, this is

not a show that is all

feathery and light for, 

as I mentioned earlier,

Niyego is too much of a tiger

for such easy concepts." 


- Steven Psyllos, NY Arts Magazine

Sangchen Tsomo, "Origin of Art",  2013. 

Cigar Box, acrylic paint, toy parts, paint brush

Cover, The New Collectors Book, Third Edition

“...The opening reception was a grand event utilizing both the main space and project room for "Dreamy (Techniques)", packing a capacity crowd into the gallery which often happens when you have

Yoko Ono - that's right Yoko Ono- in the line up...”​


     - Steven Psyllos, 

                 NY Arts Magazine

Yoko Ono, "A Box of Smile", 2" x2" x2", engraved plexiglass and mirror

   "Tchera Niyego, the curator of the "White" show

at Broadway Gallery, NYC, happens to be

a woman of style and substance. The choices she made were impressive -- most notably for their cohesion, their absence of pop and shock value, and the stark grace of what can only be defined as confidence. "

                  -Rachel Abramovitz, NY Arts Magazine

Jenn Shifflet, Breaking Through, 2014. Oil on panel, 36 x 48 in.

Cover, The New Collectors Book, Forth Edition, 2015

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"Tchera has the ability

to take an ordinary subject and

transform it into a captivating

and personal statement. She has

a strong point of view but her process does not exclude divergent opinions-

-she is able to assess and

  incorporate them comfortably."

                                      - Werner Bargsten, Artist

                                                             Linkedin Reviews

Christina Burch, "Song of Songs", 2011. Acrylic on canvas.

"It has been a real pleasure working with Tchera. She is professional, kind and very talented. Her choices as a curator are progressive, inspiring and enlightening and her shows are unique. I am looking forward for an opportunity to work with her again."

        - Nikola Durkovic, Artist

"Tchera is on the case and on the money when it comes to project organization, curating and completion with follow-up."


                       - Charles Chamot, Chamot Gallery

Jason Douglas Griffin, "I Love My Job".

"Tchera is objective-driven.

She always follows through

and puts clients' requests

on the top of her priority list.

She is as kind as she is straightforward. She is

not afraid to speak her mind

  and express her true opinion.    

I enjoyed working with her as

she brought laughter to the office, and helped the company grow

by drawing an impressive

amount of clients."


- Catherine Yu-Shan Hsieh,

                            Tina Keng Gallery

"Tchera Niyego is elegant and thoughtful.

Her experience with both technical and

the artistic side of life are masterful

and uplifting!"


- Jacob Alexander Figueroa, Artist

Rashad Alakbarov, "Fly to Baku", 2013. Installation, Yay Gallery

"Pleasant, intelligent and dedicated to the field. Highly recommended."                    - Arcady Kotler, Artist

"Tchera is an intelligent

curator and editor. She has

a great understanding of art

and she is sensitive to the artists that work with her. She is very creative in her ideas and has an open and

innovated mind."

                             - Aviva Beigel, Artist

    HomeBase II: Artists Revisiting Notions of Home,  Broadway Gallery  and Makor Gallery of 92nd St Y. , NYC

Robert Kraiza, "Alfonse", 2013. Ink and watercolor

"Tchera is

an amazing writer

and art critic.

I trust her

instincts and intuition.

She is a delight

to work with too."


- Defne Altintasbas,

           DADA Goldberg

“I have known Tchera

for 12 years and observed her

distinguished style and attention to detail.

She has knowledge of the full scope of the contemporary arts. She has demonstrated excellent curatorial skills and she writes in a sensitive and enlightened manner on works of art and artists in her care. “


- Daniel F. Gluibizzi, Artist

Nancy Friedemann, "She Muttered... Again", detail, 2003. Enamel, mynar, 130" x 42"

"Ms Niyego has

an exceptional eye

for discovering original artistic talent in the contemporary art scene. She is brilliantly adept at interpreting art and

writing  in a most intelligent and provocative fashion. And she has the uncanny ability to bring artists together in wonderful group shows. She is also one of the most charming persons I've ever met! Whenever I consider how next to move ahead in this challenging New York

art world, the first person I think of is Tchera."


- Ray DiCecco, Artist

"Tchera led me through the

process of exhibiting and traveling to Beijing for an arts residency

with warmth and sincerity. She was always there on the other end

of an email to offer me guidance and advice and took a

genuine interest in my well being.

I have no hesitation in recommending Tchera for any role knowing that her passion and creative mind would be

an asset for any company."

                            - Alice Flight, Artist

Jasper de Beijer, "Wir sind das Gedächtnis #02", 2013.


" ... i appreciate her

conscientiousness, friendliness/concern,

 and great attitude.

she is an excellent 


- billy bob beamer, artist

Daniel F. Gliubizzi, "Pine in Summer", 2011. Acrylic on paper, 20" x7,5"

"I've enjoyed               working with Tchera on several projects. She has always been respectful and well spoken.

I look forward to working with her

in the future."

     -Stephen Pauley, Artist

Daniel Coves, "Interior no. 2", 2011. Oil on linen, 48" x 60"

"Tchera has a

vast knowledge

of the art market

and is always ready

to guide us. She is so       generous with her time

to ensure satisfaction."

                  -Clifford Jean-Felix, Artist

 Bret Amory, "Anonymous #7"

"Tchera is very professional and she is one of the most accomplished persons

I have dealt with in relation to my work. She truly cares

about the artists.

It's my pleasure that I'm working with her."


- Carlos Aquilino, Artist

Nancy Friedmann, "And Of Course I Did It For Pleasure", 2003. 120" x 180"

Rain Harris, "Bliss", 2006. Porcelain, luster, plexiglass, rhinestones. 12" x 9" x 13.5"

“ Niyego utilizes the talents of her artists to investigate the circumstance, psychology and the blueprint that comprise the performance of love ….



...Indulging our whimsical free spirits into a realm that is both visionary

and contemplative,

  My Funny Valentine:

A Tribute to Chet Baker, 

is experimental yet well-studied...









..The blending of genres alone forms an exploration into the space where all sorts of threads of life merge into a united fabric of experience and relationships....

...My Funny Valentine takes the viewer's mind on an otherworldly voyage

that plunges the depths of

the subconscious, and the heights of our dreams

of love lost, found, and the space in between."


- Suzie Walshe,

                               NY Arts Magazine

Henriette Sonne, "Potential Reflection".