orientalism in New York

We are in Ann Rachel Marlowe's house, who is an American critic, journalist and writer living and working in New York City, for the Turkish Edition of Marie Claire Maison.  Marlowe was born in Suffern New York. After receiving her B.A. in philosophy magna cum laude from Harward University in 1979 she continued as a Ph.D. student in the classical philosophy program until 1980 and graduated with an MBA in finance from Colombia University in 1984. 

Marlowe has published in some of the most significant publications in the USA such as New York Post, New York Observer, LA Weekly, ArtForum, San Franciso Chronicle and Village Voice. Her memoirs have been translated into many languages.

After 9/11, Marlowe began to write about Afhganistan and terrorism, making frequent trips to Afhganistan and learning Dari. During the 2011 Libyan Civil War, Marlowe worked as a journalist in Libya attached to rebel forces. Her book

How to Stop Time was chosen one of the top 25 books of 1999 by the Village Voice.