"Honesty matters. Vulnerability matters. Being open

about who you were

at a moment in time

when you were

in a difficult or

an impossible place

matters more than anything."

- Neil Gaiman, from

his introduction to 

All These Wonders,

A New


of Stories

from The Moth

“The stories not only maintain their oral integrity but take on new dimensions, allowing you

to ponder a turn of events or swirl the language around in your head without missing the next part of the story.”

                                              - The New York Times Magazine


As The Widow in The Great City of Chloe by Italo Calvino

As Flo in Samuel Beckett's Come and Go

Two original dramaticules

followed by S. Beckett's

Come and Go

What is the Word  by Samuel Beckett

Birds of Paradise | 2003 : by Julia Montilla

Birds of Paradise alludes to the parallelisms between women and birds that come from art and literature. Frequently, in Western mythology, emancipated women and those opposed to the patriarchal order were given some birdlike features. This is a theme I have previously tackled in the video La pájara (2002) and which I continue in this one, creating a documentary that humorously analyses the image of the vamp, those birds who terrified some intellectuals and artists during the last half of the XIX century. It is a tribute to all those Liliths, mermaids, harpies, ‘lamias’ (female vampires from Basque mythology), and other beautiful bloodsuckers with their free sexuality, which a century and a half later seem condemned to carry on preening their feathers.

 » Video: Birds of Paradise

Opening Act for Camille Paglia


As Blanche Wittmann in Some Historic Some Hysteric

A Multimedia theatre piece set in

Dr. Jean Martin Charcot's Salpêtrière

medical center in 19th century Paris,

where hysteria became theatre and neuropsychology was invented.

Doctor Jean Martin Charcot photographed his subjects who performed their own hysteria during his

famous Tuesday lectures.

He examined the visual fields of the hysterics and affirmed: "The hysterics see everything in black and white but

rather often the notion of

red remains..."

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By Nuri Bilge Ceylan; Turkish film director, screen writer and photographer.

Winner of the highest prize of 2014

Palme D’Or at the Cannes Film Festival.